LetBet Forks Its Own Blockchain to Beat the Competition

For people who have been following the blockchain betting revolution and have an interest in gambling as a whole, finding the perfect combination of the two is certainly on the horizon. Soon, you might be parting with your traditional bookie in favour of the new and more improved ways to gamble. In fact, the online gambling market is gradually edging towards the $600 billion mark in terms of revenues. This is likely to be realized by 2020 and is almost entirely thanks to the stiffening competition among blockchain gambling operators to provide their customers with new and innovative gambling experiences.

Differentiation is definitely an important factor for the dozens of new blockchain gambling operators. As it stands, differentiation in this day and age entirely depends on technology in one way or the other and thus speed and innovation as well fairness are the pinnacles of the blockchain gaming revolution. But thanks to competition, it is going to keep getting better.

LetBet Disagrees

LetBet, a decentralized gambling exchange, however, believes that innovation, speed and fairness are limitations of the Ethereum blockchain and that more can be achieved with the right blockchain. LetBet’s solution to the limitation of the Ethereum blockchain was the development of its own blockchain referred to as the “Libertas Chain.” Libertas Chain is basically the Ethereum blockchain on steroids, that is, it is free of the Ethereum blockchain’s limitations and supports many other non-gambling activities.

Libertas Chain is also a zero chainno transaction fees are charged and it remains free for life. In addition to this, it is fast, extremely secure and it does a great job at creating the proven fair gambling system that defines LetBet’s gaming experience.

Fast processing speeds and real random number generators (RNG) are, of course, the core concern when it comes to online blockchain-powered gaming platforms. Libertas Chain achieves all these easily and still gives its users the added advantage of being easy to integrate with other gambling games and non-gambling products that the platform will be hosting. Libertas Chain’s Integration Model gives gamblers an expanded breadth and depth of data.

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