Jackpot Slots

Gamblers that love the prolonged noise of the coins rushing out of a slot machine probably prefer jackpot casino slots more than anything else. And, it’s easy to understand why; progressive jackpot slots (progressives), one of the two kinds of jackpot slots, have dollar prizes that run into millions at any one time. Non-progressives, too, have impressive prizes but the prize pool in these do not increase as magically. Either way, jackpot casino slots are the bullseye in any casino and anyone that is chasing the adrenalin rush should most definitely give these a spin.

What Are Jackpot Slots?

To put jackpots into context, it is probably important to start by defining a few terms and demystifying the many misconceptions about these moneymakers. First of all:

A jackpot refers to the biggest possible win you can attain from a single spin.
This amount is fixed in non-progressive jackpot slots. However, on progressive jackpot slots, the amount gets to increase by a predetermined amount after every drawing where the play does not result in a win. The house gets to set this margin of increase.

Progressive Vs. Non-Progressive Jackpots – The main difference between the non-progressive jackpot slots and the progressives is that the latter is usually a preserve of players that are spendthrift enough to wager the largest number of coins that every payline allows. And, in such instances, every bet including the maximum-credit wagers, get to contribute to the total prize of the jackpot slots game in question.

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Normally, a player can only win a jackpot casino slots game if he or she scores the combination with the highest payoff. In a progressive jackpot title, this is the same as scoring five of the slots game’s most valuable symbols.

Unlike other slots machine titles, jackpot games provide players with a chance to determine break-even points. However, since the prize constantly swells in progressive games, the jackpot wagers may easily exceed break-even points and instead grow into positive expectation bets.

Top-Rated Jackpot Slots Sites

When looking for sites that offer the best slots, it is reasonable to single out the top-rated sites since the jackpots offered in such sites are easily verifiable. For this reason, a little due diligence is necessary on the part of the player to ensure that he or she commits his or her hard-earned cash only on the approved jackpot casino slots.

Most Importantly, top-rated sites often have a varied diversity of slot machine games in general and a decent number of jackpot slots titles in particular. This diversity should be in both the number of titles as well as the number of the software makers providing the said games.

The security of players is just as important and anyone looking for a good site offering progressive jackpot slots should ensure that the site is secure. Most sites use various encryption software to keep customer data safe. Preferably, your site of choice should have the latest encryption technology (128 bit SSL encryption software) installed.

In addition, the sites should lay emphasis on better online experience. This is a broad aspect that includes attractive, easily-navigable websites that offer stellar customer support and process transactions at record-fast speeds.

A sure-fire way of finding an online casino that meets all the above criteria is simply choosing from our list of highly recommended casinos that were carefully selected through an extensive and stringent vetting process by our team of experts.

Best Jackpot Slots Bonuses

Every casino gambler worth their salt knows that jackpot casino slots are almost meaningless if they do not come bundled with generous bonuses. It, therefore, goes without saying that such players know how to locate the best slots bonuses. However, what happens to a newbie like you?


Firstly, whenever you are shopping for bonuses attached to jackpot casino slots, look a little keenly at the wagering requirements more as compared to the free money that these bonuses give. This is because if you win while playing with a bonus that has unreasonable wagering demands, it may be ages before you will be able to cash your winning.

Huge Selection of Jackpot Slots

The reason progressive jackpot slots are an interesting category of casino games is that they hold promises of huge winnings. For this reason, they attract players that like living on the edge; the kind that like their nerves tensed out all the time. However, this is just a section of the truth; jackpot slots are also interesting because there is a huge selection of them available. Players can sample, say, five fresh jackpot casino slots each day for one month and will still not have gone through the entire list of slots available.

To give you a good feel of just how big this selection is, consider the top five gambling software providers, Microgaming, NetEnt, Real Time Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and Betsoft. Each of these brands has about twenty or so progressive jackpot slots titles each that have already been introduced to the market. Now, considering that there are another twenty software brands that are just as established; you can imagine how much more jackpot casino slots are available online for you to sample.

Reviewing the Progressive Jackpot Slots

And so we’ve covered a fair bit of what knowledge we think would be helpful. You’ve learned a tad about the progressive and non-progressive fixtures. We’ve flicked through the mainstay gaming names in the industry providing us with the stellar gaming experience and timeless classics that have been churning gold coins for years. Here, we’ve cherry-picked a handful of titles we believe to be worth your while.

How do we make sure that a title is worth your while? Well!, it takes some due diligence on our part, but we would never really turn down an opportunity to examine a gaming title in full. After all, we get to spend some time playing our beloved slots as part of the job, and that’s just too much fun to miss. And besides, we are regulars at the majority of reliable communities that discuss video slots and operators and whether they can be trusted.

Mega Moolah – Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

With a name as apt as that, Mega Moolah is onto a good thing! It’s shaped up to be one of the most popular slots of all times or failing that – a memorable title in the very least. It makes little difference if you are a keen gamer or an errant passerby. You are bound to have heard about the millionaire-churning title, which has been a good fortune to a handful of lucky gentlemen. The whopping progressive jackpot is often won which is excellent news – who’s to say that you aren’t the next in line to nab it?

What does our Mega Moolah (and subsequent reviews) include? Well, simply put, we cover all the important features Mega Moolah’s gameplay incorporates, and of course – a closer look at the dedicated game that affords you an opportunity to win, as it is, big moolah. Oh, and the game has a badass safari theme.

Game Overview

Mega Moolah doesn’t really strike as a particularly innovative title, but don’t allow the apparent lack of showiness deceive you. With 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines, this title falls in the middlings of casino slots. Not much of a bother, though, especially when the game has been designed to boost apparent elegance despite the rustic looks its theme suggests.

Now, some may point out to the apparent lack of Quick Spin and AutoPlay features, but to speak the truth – you don’t need those, as you can cut spins on the spot and speed things along. Even if you don’t feel like tinkering with Lady Fortune more than what a random spin has in store for you.

The Holy Symbols

So far as the symbols are concerned, you will notice there’s a whole bunch of normal card symbols which are the lowest-yielding ones. Conversely, the animal avatars will add to your profit in the more substantial way. If you are a fan of monkeys, then this little fellow will act as a Scatter symbol and trigger a free spin round. Fancy a quick field trip? Perhaps hope or the Lion avatar who serves as a Wild symbol.

The big sell here is the progressive jackpot. Perhaps you will be keen on knowing what you can do to ensure that you end up winning the jackpot. Well, there are no shortcuts and if heavens favor you, you may end up winning the big pot, albeit the chances are rather slim. So, yes, the jackpot is indeed based on luck. This doesn’t make it any less exciting though!

Why review Mega Moolah? It’s simply one of the titles that have come to embody the whole sector. There’s no other title that evokes “mega jackpot” the same way as Mega Moolah does

Freebies: Jackpot Slots for Free

You might have thought that casinos will squeeze you out of a precious penny, but that’s not quite true. Nearly all casinos that have your beloved progressive jackpots will most certainly have taken care to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy as much free time as you see fit. This will help you test the RTP rates, calculating your total amount spent and how much you actually get back, but also give you a better estimate of how often you end up triggering any of the special goodies.

Is free play an advantage? Absolute! If you are not the sort of player who wants to risk hundreds of hard-earned cash, you can still satisfy your urge to gamble by spinning the slots and winning bragging rights with your friends. As part of the gamble responsibility push, casinos do extend free play features (don’t confuse it with the type of bonus commonly given at casinos) with mock-up currencies.

Besides, you may be an arduous gambler who has decided to go on a brief break for reasons that may range from a financial impediment to having had enough of the action. Bottom line, it’s good to have it.

Adapting the Jackpot Slots Online for Mobile

What would life be if we can’t pack the entirety of the beloved game into a neat app and make sure you can always pop on for a quick session. Well, a wee bit less exciting and worth playing, for sure. Thankfully, we needn’t imagine ourselves stuck in such drastic scenarios when all the leading slots have been either adapted for the portable segment or they were designed with this in mind.

Intuitive and accessible, every jackpot slots casino will ensure they have found some way to allow their customers to connect while on the go. And they better, because the titles released as mobile-friendly are multiplying. Of course, with most Bitcoin jackpot slots, you won’t rely on an app. But this is just as well!

The casino can be accessed in an instant play mode online, allowing you for much comfort and dispensing with the need of downloading extra bytes of software. Why clog the arteries of your smartphone when you can just as well enjoy expedient play right through the browser.

Play with Bitcoin

Bitcoin jackpot slots are not designed as money sinks. Not in the slightest. They are regular titles developed by the trustworthy mechanics of the iGaming experience. In other words, it makes little difference what currency you opt for. Surely, Bitcoin is in our main focus here but don’t think that you couldn’t just as easily swap out the shiny chunks of digital gold for FIAT money and enjoy the same level of satisfactory gameplay.

The Bugbears of Using Cryptocurrency

Even though we love Bitcoin for the level of security it introduces to online gambling and we stand by the future of such operators, there are certainly a handful of pet peeves that may get you out of your skin. Let’s start with the obvious ones – only a fraction of gamblers are truly aware of what Bitcoin is, let alone how to procure one. If you haven’t really got around to learning what a cold storage wallet is, how bitcoins move and swap hands, you may want to read up on that first.

Another issue that you may encounter of course is regulation. Many websites who use Bitcoin are based offshore. Of course, this does come with its very own set of drawbacks, but this doesn’t mean those are difficult to overcome. With due caution and a dash of prescience you will soon find yourself on top of all the little impediments, you may encounter.

Researching your operator would be a good start. A quick drop by at recognized gambling communities to seek advice and look into potential past misdeed would certainly go a long way in dispersing any doubts you may have about a particular operator, too!

The Latest Progressive Slots Worth Exploring

The world of progressive jackpots is a greasy pole. Some titles go up, some titles go down. But overall, there’s a marked tendency towards the proliferation of the complete number of games you can enjoy on a daily basis. Of course, you may have your qualms whether all of these are worth your while. To be honest, as long as the studio behind them is solid, you are probably safe to carry on without firm evidence.

Million Dollar ‘Star Mega Spin’

So which titles have made it in the list of the latest jackpot slot games? Let’s reel back to 2017. I know, it’s 2018 and you want to be caught up to date, but passing up on Million Dollar ‘Stars Mega Spin’ would be a gross oversight on our part. With a vibrant jackpot and a star-studded theme with a very visible hint of space exploration, the Mega Spin could easily skyrocket your bankroll.

Going Nuts with Gains

As nutty slots go, Going Nuts have made all things as pleasantly confusing as possible without bringing angst to your gaming experience. But brush that naysayer talk away, and you end up with a stellar product that runs a solid jackpot. Wilds are not at all that uncommon with the special Wild Tree feature, which sows the seeds of future success. With an Acorn symbol to serve as your scatter, you are never too far from a madcap gain.

Some have been happy to point out that Going Nuts only provides you with 93.89% return to player rate, but who cares when you can pick from five possible jackpots! Still, the 6.11% advantage the house has is definitely not something you would otherwise want to overlook. With its 30 paylines and 5-reel set-up, the Play’n’Go product is one of the top picks in business.

Jackpoint Giant – A Rehash of Jack and the Beanstalk

It’s difficult not to spot the similarities between the beloved fairy tale and Jackpoint Giant. With a pleasantly cartoony feel, a daunting intro and a pot of winnings waiting, the 5-reel 50-payline game is quite the hit with gamblers of all stripes. You should always be on the lookout for the Wild, Scatter, and Bonus symbol.

The Bonus activates the Giant Bonus feature and that’s where your profits really take off. If you feel you are not really going at maximum speed, you can always speed things along with the convenient Turbo mode.

Aztec’s Millions – Blood-Soiled Gold

If we were to stand on a moral high ground here, we would probably tell you to stuff your bloody Aztec gold. But we’re not really that sort of people, so Aztec’s Millions proved an interesting jackpot game to explore, not least because it promised quite the decent return on our investment.

The game has a distinctly old-school feeling to it, but this won’t dissuade us from the true path of exploration. Courtesy of Real Time Gaming, this is a slot that definitely stands out from the crowd. The progressive jackpot has the chink of digital coins seep through your skull and have you playing in rapt enthusiasm.

If you want to max out your winning potential, you may have to commit as much as $5 a spin. It’s definitely tricky and luck will play a huge part here. Bankrolls should also be slightly more considerate, between $75 and $100 in the slightest. This game, though, could easily be combined with a tempting welcome bonus and before long you will be well on your way off the Aztec’s domain and into the world of newly-heeled nabobs.

Jackpot Slots Casino – The Conclusion

We won’t lie – there are hundreds of titles we’d love to play again and again. Time is inexorably working against us, though. Exploring our favorite slots from the standpoint of Bitcoin casino users has been tremendously exciting. We had to tinker a fair bit at first, but before long everything felt normal.

Bitcoin slots have been quite elaborate in their implementation. Casinos that run such offers have to build a strong reputation for integrity and it’s hard to say no when you come across such a gambling den. With hundreds of available titles that may soon tip into the thousands, you will definitely have something to keep you busy and let’s face it – quite thrilled with the results.

If you want to pick yourself a title worthy of praise, make sure to sift through our pages and pick the reviews you find to suit your needs best. Hesitate over some of the finer aspects of a particular game? Never mind because we certainly can find an easy and reliable answer for you, whatever your gambling bent, really!