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Easy to Play Bitcoin Slots Guide 2018

Read our guides, news and Bitcoin slots reviews vetted by industry experts from the US.

Playing casino games online and especially slot machine games have become so much easier now due to the increasingly prolific number of casinos going live online with every passing day. To add to that, the payment methods accepted by these casinos are also increasing as processors around the world seek to take advantage of the ever-present slots riding the exciting wave of cryptocurrencies.

Since the advent of cryptocurrency the first Bitcoin casino quickly made an appearance and now, online casinos providing bitcoin slots are popping up everywhere quicker and at a higher quality bar than ever.

Playing slots online in the US is far more convenient if you are using Bitcoin to fund your gaming account.

Since Bitcoin as an online casino payment method for slots is still a rather new concept, a lot of players still have much to learn about it. Luckily, you’ll find everything that you’ll need to know right here on this website, including what to look for, how to take advantage of slots sytems and and how to find the best casinos online for Bitcoin slots.

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Playing Online Slots with Bitcoin

Actually playing online slot machine games using Bitcoin is no different from doing the same in casinos that accept fiat currencies (US dollars, Euros, GBP, etc.). The most important thing is simply to select the best Bitcoin casino for your security and fair gaming experience. While there are hundreds of thousands of slot games out there, there are only a few operators that accept Bitcoin and an even fewer number of reliable sites that give independent, trusted reviewed like we do, helping you single out the best, most secure casinos to play using your Bitcoin and showing you the disadvantages of each casino as well.

After making your choice of preferred casino, you need to create an account as you would in a regular fiat casino, then go ahead and fund the account. However, with Bitcoin slot casinos note that you need a Bitcoin wallet in order to fund your gaming account with Bitcoin. There are fantastic guides available online that will guide you on how to create a wallet and excellent advice on the best wallets that you should use. Ensure you check these out so that you acquaint yourself with the process.

Armed with your wallet, it is now time to fund your account. To do so in most Bitcoin Casinos, you can navigate to a general setting such as ‘My Account’ and use the “Deposit” option. Remember to choose Bitcoin as the default currency then select the amount of BTC you want to transfer to your account from the wallet.

Once you complete the process successfully, the casino will need a few moments to update your balance. Once done, you will be able to play real money online slots of your choice using the Bitcoin balance in your account.


Benefits of Bitcoin Deposits

Bitcoin casinos are a revolutionary idea in the gaming industry and as it offers various benefits and conveniences to the player.

Firstly – these casinos process payouts much quicker than fiat casinos relying on banks and other older processing systems. In fact, transactions (both deposits and withdrawals) take only minutes compared to the days expected for fiat transactions. As such, players are able to start playing almost as soon as they make deposits and, they can get their hands on their winnings equally as fast.

Secondly – each Bitcoin casino carries the “Provably Fair” gaming symbol. Meaning that every gaming element, product and site offers can be audited and mathematically proven for cheating using blockchain technology. Essentially, this tool enables every player to check and verify every roll result and ascertain that he or she has not been duped. This is very important since every casino player wants to enjoy his or her games in an environment that is safe and where results are verifiable and as fair as possible.

Thirdly – Bitcoin transactions attract near-zero fees due to the unnecessary need for a middle agent such as a bank. Players can, as such, save on the fees they would otherwise have used on a bank with a fiat currency casino, and see it back in their pocket or “Bitcoin wallet”, in this case.

Lastly – Bitcoin offers heightened anonymity compared to debit/credit cards and bank payments. Players that seek to keep their gambling activities a secret are, thus, better off playing using Bitcoin due to the anonymous nature of Bitcoin’s applications.

Reviewed and Tested Slot Games

The “best” slots in online casinos are only enjoyable if you are actually playing on the best sites; bitcoin slots are no different. We have taken extra steps to ensure that the casinos and slot games we recommend are tried and tested and will give you unending excitement and range of reliable casinos to choose from.

Note that due to our independent nature we will only recommend games that our seasoned testers have tried and returned favorable verdicts for. Moreover, all the results of each of these games are verifiable so you can rest assured that you are playing on only the very best US Bitcoin slot sites online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin safe to use when gambling?

Yes. Due to the cryptographic nature of Bitcoin, your funds, identity and credentials are all as safe as they could possibly be. Additionally, because Bitcoin is fundamentally a digital ledger, the longer Bitcoin functions for, the more 'impossible' it becomes to hack.

How fast are Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals?

Both Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal transactions take minutes at most. This is unlike conventional payment methods such as cards, e-wallets or bank wires that will take several days for banks to clear.

How much does it cost to transfer Bitcoin to my account?

Because Bitcoin is transferred peer-to-peer without involving third parties. Bitcoin casinos charge negligible fees, if any, for the transactions.

Is Bitcoin gambling as anonymous as people rumor it to be?

Yes. While e-wallets and cards demand that you link your account to your bank and provide a residential address and even a social security number for the US, Bitcoin transactions don’t require any of these, ultimately affording you anonymity and accessibility when gambling.

Do Bitcoin casinos give bonuses?

Yes, Bitcoin casinos give bigger bonuses on average, compared to regular casinos.

Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

This is dependent on the laws of your country or state. However, most jurisdictions consider Bitcoin a commodity and as such authorities hardly put any restrictions on Bitcoin transactions.