Real Money Slots That Pay Real Money

Among the players that frequent online casinos to play real money slots, a vast majority admit that the field has seen some tremendous improvements. You can now spin the levers a lot more easily and use many convenient ways of funding your account. In fact, since Bitcoin came onto the scene, the number of online slots for real money has almost doubled. Luckily, these modern-day top real money slots do not differ from the first-generation slots in that even the real money slots that accept Bitcoin also have innate programs that make the best and fairest.

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Top Real Money Slots – Making an Informed Decision

To most casinos, this gaming edge has raised real money slots to the bread and butter pedestal. And, this is despite the fact that they weren’t this famous only a few decades ago. In fact, until recently, slots only targeted the elderly and women that casinos considered low cadre players; how sexist! Now, and especially with the gains that technology has brought to the gaming industry, the best Bitcoin slots bring in comparatively more revenue and have since surpassed the income from high rollers that play in the Craps and Blackjack tables.

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What is probably of key interest is the rate at which most casinos now offer the best Bitcoin slots despite the relatively novel nature of the cryptocurrency. In fact, in most Bitcoin casinos, more than a third of all slots in their catalogs are certified Bitcoin slots that every player looking to enjoy online slots for real money can play safely, enjoy and even win while at it.

It is important to note that real money slots differ from other casino games in two ways; they have opaque odds, a factor that makes them intriguing and interesting at the same time. This is the case because while they provide no clear clues, it is possible to predict the outcome of all the other casino games as long as you know the payoff and the odds of each bet.

Choose Your Top Real Money Slots

There are so many real money slots that you will hardly ever find yourself in a position to choose without feeling as if you are missing out on something more significant. Well, chances are you are, but rest assured that in good time, you’ve gained enough experience to know what title to pick. Even then, rest assured that the influx of new slots will keep you entertained and always re-discovering your beloved slots.

To be able to tell the good slots from the ones you wouldn’t normally be interested in, we have prepared an objective review focusing on the pros and cons on video slots, and what generally to look for when hesitating about a title. If you still can’t make up your mind what game to pick, check out some of the most popular ones available:

And so, you will immediately spot that games come in all shapes and forms. They range from the historically-based romances to the much more lah-di-dah journeys. You will also notice that your favorite slots also change, depending on the platform it’s running on.

An Honest Look at the Slots

If you are an old-timer, the mention of a (video) slot machine will certainly evoke the image of a three-reeler where fruit-symbols madly spin in a brightly-lit display. Now, reel forward a few years, and you have a veritable thicket of possible gaming options. You will certainly find our walkthrough useful. Let’s focus on the different types of slots and see what the special symbols truly mean. Of course, things are changing at a rather breakneck pace, so we do our best to freshen up our content and reflect any changes that may have an impact on your game.

Types of Slots

And so, as with most things, slot machines started rather unglamorously in the 19th century, constituting ill-wrought boxes whose wheels needed lots of oiling and the occasional bang on the side. But as time passed, the 3-reels that constituted a normal slot at the time gradually started to change and move with the times. Today, the gamblers that constitute the bulk of online casinos are rather better educated and more demanding.

The standard today is 5-reel slots, which introduces a number of possible winning combinations. Not only that, but you have a greater chance to benefit from the bonus levels as well. All technicalities aside, slots are done in thousands of possible thematic variations, from car-racing to superheroes and religious pantheons. To enhance the gaming experience, the top real money slots also add such intricate features as plots.

Put simply, you are not just there to spin the metaphorical wheels of the video slot in the digital age. You are enjoying rich cinematics, animated avatars and the occasional bonus round that makes your bankroll swell.

A new crop of games has arrived as well. Progressive jackpots are a brilliant example of how casinos have decided to work together on some counts to whip up excitement. With progressive jackpots, you stand to win millions worth of currency. The whopping amounts are possible because operators share the same prize pool from all players signed up and playing the progressive jackpot.

A Brief Overview of the Special Symbols

Whatever your choice, whether you play slots online for free or with real money, familiarity with the special symbols wouldn’t hurt your gaming. Quite the opposite, in fact, it may add to your understanding of the game and actually help you spot a good title over a money sink. When identical symbols pop on your screen in a manner that forms a win, you will identify a payline.

This could be a simple horizontal line having all three symbols sitting next to each other, or it could be all jumbled up. Paylines these days vary. There are slots with as many as 100 paylines, albeit not all bring you juicy sums. And so paylines are important, and the more often they crop up, the more often you will see your bankroll go in the right direction.

As to the symbols themselves, every title will come with its own unique signature. In other words, you can expect anything that fits the slots’ theme and adds to the beauty of the game itself. Even then, you have three underlying symbols that despite their rich visual, serve pretty much the same purpose.

  • · Wild – Wilds are symbols that make sure you notch up a solid profit. Simply put, the symbol replaces any other block in the box, bar the scatter symbol. With this in mind, you can use it to complete any payline you may be interested in. It can also serve as a Multiplier, meaning that you finish your payline, but your winnings are multiplied.
  • · Scatter – Scatters are sort of wild cards which can help you enter a bonus level. However, when a scatter becomes bonus-happy is another matter altogether and it inevitably varies from game to game. Scatters can still help you pull off a winning payout or add a handful of free spins, giving your bankroll a bit of respite.
  • · Multiplier – As the name suggests, it’s a great way for you to get more value for your winnings by multiplying the spoils! Multipliers vary between what you can easily dismiss as peanuts to the solid 20x ones that add a new level of excitement to the whole experience.

To be perfectly honest, covering all special symbols would be a tall order here. With the proliferation of slots, developers have also started to come up with the wackiest way of keep you entertained. And, as you can imagine, you may end up with games that have a few special symbols that, whilst serving the same purpose, add much to the excitement and distinctiveness of the game. If you are almost ready to spend real money on online casino slots. Let’s have a look at the men and women behind the works – The developers themselves.

The House of the Game Developers

Your top real money slots are increasingly the work of tech-savvy developers in the very heart of online operators. It’s not unlikely to see Bitcoin casino hire their own in-house developers to hammer enticing and exclusive sources of fun. But the heyday of dedicated providers is not behind us. Not in the slightest, in fact. When looking around for a title worthy of your attention, you may want to check the timeless classics and studios that back them.

Video Slots Brought to Life

It takes no small amount of creativity to be at the forefront of the online casino gaming experience. NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming and a dozen others know what they are about. You may wonder if Bitcoin-friendly casinos seek tie-ups with the flagship developers. You can rest assured they do! NetEnt has just added a new video slot title to its rich offer. But video slots are hardly tethered to the desktop version exclusively. Through smart use of HTML5, mobile users can now enjoy titles that will run without a hitch on their portable devices. And all of these titles are highly-customizable.

Setting Up Your Own Game

The call to arms among customers has been quite resounding. If you want to play online slots for real money, things ought to happen in a way that you feel comfortable with. With this in mind, you can apply as many tweaks, patches and fine-tune your game down to the last detail. Now, some titles will have you check out the coin limit and opt for a specific number of auto-play rolls.

Once you have triggered a bonus round, you will be able to enjoy the action in full. In a nutshell, all options today have been designed to dispense with the boring clicking. And as technology advances, we may soon plunge into the bowels of virtual reality and experience stellar plays firsthand.

Priming Your Mobile Gear

We’ve briefly hinted at the mobile-first solutions. No doubt those are now the mainstay of all people in the business of purveying odds at a decent rate. Your Bitcoin gaming dens are gearing up for a future crop of consumers who expect to find all titles available throughout their devices. It would be a huge dent in a casino’s reputation to see customers drop off because some fiddly string of code has hindered the full integration of a product.

Bitcoin operators may not have reached the point where they would readily start adding dedicated mobile apps but don’t hurry up to feel rueful just yet. All casinos we have reviewed are mobile-compatible, meaning you will be able to take the gaming experience on the go.

Reading the Payouts

For better or for worse we all fancy a quick payout above all else. Bitcoin casinos have earned a reputation for instantaneous and reliable payouts. Alas, this is not always true and you ought to keep in mind that while anonymity allows you to keep the chunk of your earnings, it may also invite foul play. And yet, there are predetermined criteria that help you stave off any trouble.

Known as the payout rates, or Return To Player (RTP) rates, these metrics are useful indicators of how much of a chance you stand to turn a profit. If you want to leaven your day with a handful of successful spins that actually help you bolster your bankroll, a closer look at the RTP may be in order.

In layman’s terms, RTPs give you an approximate gauge of how much of the amount you invest you are likely to reclaim. This doesn’t account for how often you actually win nor how often a bonus round triggers and leads to an abrupt upswing trend in your funds. Even then, you will want to focus on the handful of Bitcoin gambling agencies that come with the top real money slots that will always try to give you a fair chance at winning.

They Do Come for Free!

Rest assured that no casino that’s worth their salt will ever strongarm you into play. In fact, the vast majority are actually quite happy to let you explore all video slots for free, in either practice mode, or handing out a few spins so that you may start off with a token budget. Whatever the case, you will have a free rein over how much you spend and if you want to spend at all.

In fact, developers themselves have dedicated pages on their own websites that allow you to familiarize yourself with the features of the title before you even register an account with an operator that you may like.

How We Rank Each Site

It is important that you play only on the best Bitcoin slots available online. To this end, we sift through the available offers to ensure that we recommend only the sites that have online slots for real money that are worth your while.

Primarily, we lay emphasis on the number of games each casino offers. To satisfy the gaming demands of varied gamblers with the best Bitcoin slots, a casino must carry a wide variety of games. In addition, a vast majority of these games must be exciting and be products of credible gaming software makers. All casinos we have reviewed and recommended meet these thresholds. And, the online slots for real money that they include in their catalogs are easily the best available.

Aside from game diversity, we also factor in site security. The sites we recommend that you play online slots for real money all stand out for the stellar security they have installed. Such security measures help ensure that your personal and financial information is safe from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. In addition, we only recommend real money slots sites that offer generous bonuses, exciting promotions and process your payout in record-swift duration.

Fastest Deposits

Deposit Using Bitcoin

Depositing Bitcoin into your gaming account so you can enjoy real money slots is probably the easiest undertaking. Firstly, ensure you have a Bitcoin wallet. Secondly, proceed to the site that offers the best Bitcoin slots you want to play, then navigate to “My Account” and click on “Deposit”. Ensure you choose Bitcoin as the default currency then follow the prompts to complete the deposit process. This entire process takes only moments, which is a huge plus considering that the process of depositing using fiat currency can take up to a fortnight.

Cashing Out from the Casino

Bitcoin cuts both ways. You may use the shiny chunk of digital gold to fund your gambling forays or to sound a retreat and claim your winnings when the time is right. While deposits done with Bitcoin are quite prompt, all withdrawals may take some time accounting for a buffer period your casino needs to prepare the transaction.

As with depositing, it’s paramount that you check up a casino at several reviewing agencies first. Bear in mind that the information changes quickly and what you read is not always up to date. Most services seldom freshen up their content, although the more respectable ones, do. Even then, we’d recommend that you start off with an open forum where users can share their impressions of an operator. If something is awry with payments, you may rest assured that this will cause a stir in the community.

Bitcoin Slots Provide Huge Bonuses

Most people that already know the advantages that cryptocurrencies render to gamblers are now flocking to Bitcoin casinos to play online slots for real money. And, it is easy to understand what initiated this trend.

Firstly, casinos that offer the best Bitcoin slots provide faster deposits compared to casinos that have yet to accept this increasingly popular digital currency. Secondly, such casinos do not charge players to make deposits and thirdly, players using Bitcoin are afforded complete anonymity.

For these reasons, the casinos save time and money. Ultimately, the player becomes the biggest winner since casinos are able to share these gains with their players. As such, playing online slots for real money using Bitcoin in such casinos nets you extended playtime because these casinos offer bigger bonuses and numerous promotions compared to regular, fiat currency casinos.

However, huge bonuses and faster deposits aren’t all the best Bitcoin slots casinos have to offer. People that play the best Bitcoin slots in these casinos also experience faster payout speeds. In certain instances, customers have to wait for about a fortnight to get their hands on their winnings. Gamblers that win while playing online slots for real money in Bitcoin casinos only have to wait for a few hours until the money is transferred back to their own e-wallet, and can be used and enjoyed however they want.

The Wagering Requirements – Make No Mistake

For better or for worse, all things that are worth fighting for come with a few bugbears along the way. Wagering requirements are the binding terms that you will have to agree to for a chance to roll out your gambling campaign with a fair bit more than what you originally thought possible.

Whilst they promise immediate riches, you ought to take them with a pinch of salt. Not all bonus conditions are worth fighting for, not least because they are not always feasible. Overall, we recommend that you check out for any expiration dates as well as rollover requirements. And even then, do try to bet at a fraction.

A Future of Instant Play by Bitcoin

Bitcoin options are definitely worth exploring. Quick and reliable when carried out by a gambling agency you trust, Bitcoin is perhaps the safest way to move your money around. Even though the cryptocurrency largely remains the preserve of offshore operators, licensed casinos are also keen on diversifying their payment options. Not to mention that blockchain itself will open up new opportunities for casinos to ploy their craft and the overall benefits in the distribution chain will be reaped by everyone involved, from the casual customer to the websites themselves.