About Us

Here at BitcoinSlots there are two things we love more than anything else: Bitcoin and slot machines. It made perfect sense for us to combine our two favourite things on one website and we aim to bring you the best of both worlds.

Our expert team is made up of Bitcoin enthusiasts and people with a background in online gambling. We have professional slot machine players and those with a wealth of experience in online casinos and game development among those in our ranks and the combined knowledge of our team members will bring you expert evaluation and opinion that you won’t find anywhere else.

Bitcoin is a fairly new variable in the world of gambling and there is a steadily growing number of Bitcoin casino websites which offer a vast catalogue of slot machines to their players. We will tell you all about these sites and the different games they offer.

We don’t just stick to Bitcoin casinos and slots either

We don’t just stick to Bitcoin casinos and slots either. We’re well aware that there are a number of great places out there for you to play that rely on more traditional forms of payment and we’re happy to look at those too.

At BitcoinSlots you’ll always be the first to know of any developments in Bitcoin gambling and you’ll find reviews of every Bitcoin casino site that currently operates online. We’ll review all the lastest slot machines too so that you have a good idea of what to expect from them before you start to play.

We want you to have the best possible Bitcoin slot machine experience and we’ll give you honest and unbiased reviews of all sites. We will of course tell you which offer the biggest and best bonuses too, so you can start playing and enjoy a Bitcoin gambling experience like no other.