New Slots Games – Exclusive List 2019

Slots machine games are now the core provision every casino offers. The games are hugely diverse and the excitement that these combos of reels and levers can provide is already surpassing astronomical proportions. In line with this growth, casinos are introducing new online slots almost every day. In fact, most casinos have catalogs that run into several hundreds of games with a good proportion of these being new online slots games. A lot can be said about these new slots games, however, one thing remains certain; these one-armed bandits offer the best progressive jackpots in the new gaming industry.

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New Online Slots Games

We’ve decided to roll our sleeves up and give these new online slots a stab. If you need help picking a title that will satisfy your particular preferences, we have done a fair bit of reviewing the latest available games out there. And rest assured that this list will only continue to grow longer.

If you want to pick up some trivia about the nature of slots, do give our next paragraph a brief skimming through. If not, you may as well read on and plunge right into the dedicated section covering all the hottest picks!

The Telltale Marks of New Slot Games

On average, the top five leading gambling software makers Microgaming, NetEnt, Playson, Betsoft and Evolution Gaming, together have a catalog of more than one thousand slot machine games. This impressive resume also includes an average of ten new online slots added to the overall catalog every month.

new slots

Of note among these new slots online are their stellar features, which include revolutionary 3D attributes, user-friendly interfaces, mobile compatibility and a generous free spins element. Other notable additives that these new online slots games exhibit are innovative and interactive gameplay features that encourage a sense of community while playing. This feature is essentially important in increasing player engagement rates. In addition, these new online slots now take fair game guarantees a lot more seriously as compared to the past years.

Unpicking the Review Worthy Titles

And so we’ve come to the most exciting bit of this write-up. The games themselves. If you are eager to focus on the new slot games for 2018, so are we! Much of the new titles employ some of the most successful practices. In addition, we have penned an honorary throwback section to some of the age-old classics, which have managed to withstand the test of time and are still as popular as on the day of their launch!

Of course, developers have since applied a few soft touches here and there to make the visuals up to scratch, but even with the minor patches, the titles are very much cookie-cutters. Without further ado, let’s have at the newest titles first!

Jumanji – NetEnt’s Captivating Adventure

Inspired by the movie, Jumanji takes you on a magical trek through tropical jungles interspersed with lush vines, hidden tracks, and the occasional rhino stampede. Developed by NetEnt, the slot provides you with 5 reels and 36 paylines. As is the won’t of most new titles, Jumanji taps heavily into the original franchise and draws features from regular slots in equal measure. This hasn’t stopped the creators from introducing board game elements, though. With RTP of 96.3%, this is a title well worth looking into.

Basic Gameplay and Special Features

From a gameplay standpoint, Jumanji is a no-brainer. You can adjust bets by hitting the coin value button, as you would normally expect from any video slot. If you click on the Max Bet button, you will be playing for the highest possible payouts. What you need to do next is use the Spin Button to roll the reels. If you feel that you can spare yourself some clicking, you can opt for the AutoPlay feature.

Today’s spins are so diverse, that they contain a number of quirky special symbols that are exclusive to their own making. The traditional Scatter, Wild, and Multiplayer are present in Jumanji, but they are supplemented by a number of aptly-named new ones. Thus we have:

  • · Mansoon Wilds – One or two reels end up covered in Wild symbols
  • · Monkey Mayhem – At the end of the spin, all reels get adjusted to a guaranteed payline
  • · Wild Stampede – Rhinos running down your screen is not the best thing to happen to your gaming experience, but the 4-9 Wild symbols they leave in their wake might just be it.
  • · Board Game – A brief board game mode where you use dices to move around a token and trigger free spin features based on the symbols we’ve already covered
  • · Mystery Feature – This feature is the ultimate bonanza allowing you to access winnings that are multiplied between x2 and x10 times. Oh, and you get x2 extra rolls of the dice.

Justice League by Playtech

If you have been itching for the good fight, Justice League by Playtech is your way to restore balance in the universe, or at least in your casino. The slot was published at the end of 2017 and its soaring popularity makes it review-material. As far as new online slots go, the title is a decent pick. You may rely on five reels, 40 payline, and 96.33% RTP, the Justice League redistributes casino wealth easily.

The Gameplay and Features

Playtech’s take on the popular comic universe is well captured across multiple slot games. You end up spinning reels featuring Superman, Batman, Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. In terms of money you can wager, the Justice League allows you to pursue hefty sums as well as tread carefully if you are working on a budget. The Justice League logo is the Wild symbol in this game.

In addition, there’s a Super Hero Respin feature that has a chance to proc on any spin. Overall, you get three Scatter symbols that work across three reels, including 1, 3, and 5. All superhero avatars award you a different treat, and you will have to play around for a bit before you get them all right. Mostly, it has to do with the number of free spins you get from an avatar.

What seals the deal for us is the fact you can access 4 different jackpots that allow you to add to your game with just the right amount of excitement and a great potential for solid monetary gains.

Lastly, all new slots are free, meaning you can explore them in practice mode without having to worry about committing actual money. Want to check out the RTP first? Need to make sure you get the wild symbols down to a T before bringing out the heavy guns? That’s just as well. Of course, the crop of new slots for 2018 hardly stops here, and you can, in fact, peruse quite a few others.

The Classics First

New slot games are naturally all very tempting. But developers didn’t arrive at the delightfully rewarding titles we know today by merely sitting about and twiddling their fingers. In fact, many of the titles we see today and call new slot games were inspired by titles that go beyond time-slots and markets. And so, here’s our honorary throwback to the pitch-perfect titles that came around a while ago and stuck because of the uniqueness of their gameplay and features.

Starburst by NetEnt

This 10-payline video slot is the biggest purveyor of free spins and is just as popular as the goodies most casinos attach to it. Starbursts incorporate some of the classic elements that have served as a stepping-stone for new titles. For instance, the Wild symbols will appear on three paylines. The coin value ranges from 0.01 to 1, making it a perfect pick for budget players.

Starburst also works quite well on mobile and is one of the earliest adopters of the segment! If you fancy spinning reels on the go, this title is a timeless classic that will keep you entertained and always at a decent risk of winning.

Supernova by Microgaming

Expanding on the cosmic theme, we ought to make a mention of Supernova. This ranks as one of the top new slots online with the best returns. It has a dazzling multiplier feature as well as amazing 27 ways to win. Supernova also captures a trend whereby game developers and casinos have started shifting towards higher payouts as customers became more aware of the implications of RTPs.

And so Supernova spots the respectable 97.08% RTP. Of course, the user interface makes it immediately obvious that the title hails from the olden days, but who cares – it’s cosmic, it’s elegant, and it carries a dear promise of potential winnings with it!

Good Girl, Bad Girl by Betsoft

We’d say that this is one of the relatively new casino slot games. You can play either in good or bad mode. Either way, you have win rates of up to 97.8%. A 3D slot that features a progressive jackpot, Good Girl, Bad Girl is a brush up of the older crop of titles we’ve come to know so well. Stellar graphics and excellent sound quality accompany you whilst you adjust your bets. You can stake between 0.02 and 1 a single spin, which makes the title quite accommodating.

Fund Your Slots Games with Bitcoin

Technology is presenting solutions in every facet of life, gambling included. Ever since cryptocurrencies were invented in 2008, playing new online slots is a lot easier and, you can enjoy these games and keep your gambling activities private.

Now you can fund your gaming account using Bitcoin and play the new online slots games. To do so, you first have to buy or mine Bitcoin and deposit them into your gaming account. In either case, you will need a Bitcoin wallet.

If you are buying, head over to any reputable cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance or Kraken and use your credit card to buy Bitcoin and transfer the proceeds to your wallet.

After funding the wallet, playing new slots online is only a few steps away. Firstly, though, you need to go to your gaming account and navigate to the “deposit” tab. Once here, choose Bitcoin as the default currency then make a deposit from your Bitcoin wallet. Once the transaction reflects on your account, (this normally takes just a few moments) you can now go ahead and enjoy the new online slots games that your preferred online casino offers.

Exclusive New Bonuses

Playing new slots online is exciting for the simple fact that casinos have found several innovative ways of keeping the action in these games chugging. Top among these are the generous bonuses you will find in each of the many new online slots games.


The most popular bonus is the welcome offer. Many casinos package this as 100% match of the first deposit up to a certain amount. In addition, the offer comes with a number of free spins that a player can redeem on the available catalog of new slots online.

Other giveaways that can help extend your time on the slot machines are the recharge bonuses that target new players as well as free spins meant for new players. Most gaming software makers are constantly innovating to ensure that the offers they give their customers are in line with the players’ gaming demands and you should always be on the look out for these offers in order to make the most of your gameplay.

The Bonus Level

Apart from picking a welcome freebie that will provide you with a few dozens of slots, you may also want to tailor your own hunt for titles based on how often you get free spins. Free spins and bonus rounds are your chance of one-upping the house and tank its edge. The more often free spins are triggered, the more you add to your bankroll.

And often a bonus round is enough to offset any potential loss that you may have incurred. Gonzo’s Quest and Asgardian Stones are the pairs of games that have great bonus levels, allowing you to quickly restore any bankroll that you may have sacrificed on regular spins.

When picking a title, do focus on the extra features that may translate into a solid profit eventually.

Capturing the Charm of 2018 through Video Slots

And as 2018 puffs on, you certainly want to know all the other treats of titles that have burst onto the game scene with their unique plot, apt animations, and beautiful and flawless animations. Well, the fact is there has been quite a handful provided by the flagship developers.

Bai Shi – Chinese Mysticism

Bai Shi is a combination of words that means “respect” and “master” in Chinese. The slot offers 40 paylines and features a classic 5-reel playfield. The beautifully-drawn blocks smack of Eastern mysticism, and a soft soundtrack in the backdrop makes the experience relaxing.

Cool Wolf – The Glitz of Hollywood

If you have always suspected that you are a natural leader of the pack, Cool Wolf may be just the right fit for you. No list of new slot games would be complete without Microgaming’s brainchild. With a predilection for showiness, glitz & fast cars, Wolfie is a title worth exploring. And not that we want to make a big deal out of it, but you have 238 ways to win. Quite the number indeed! Hurry up and leave your mark on Hollywood.

Book of Dead

If you fancy mythology and love the intersection where myth, legend and fact meet, you will certainly revel in the storyline behind Book of Dead. Book of Dead is a natural continuation of Book of Ra and both games deal with matters of li… well, death.

However, the potential to win big is very much alive and kicking. The Book of Dead is your companion in the exploration of the perennial prey of philosophy, i.e. is there profit afterlife? Osiris and Anubis will help you find one the answer to this puzzler in no time.

NetENt’s Trio – Asgardian Stones, Archangels, Hotline

NetEnt has kept bringing out award-winning new casino slot games in 2018. The Archangels: Salvation is a six-reel video slot, which is a step up from the what-we’ve-come-to-be-used-to. And 6 reels would normally entail more paylines, yes? Absolutely, NetEnt has pushed the limits of the game, adding 100 available ways to notch up a profit on your wager!

This beautiful 3D game has captured NetEnt’s talent for bringing around excellent products, with gameplay & graphics that could easily rival those of any professional video games studio out there.

Vikings Go to Hell

Vikings Go to Hell embodies the exploration spirit of the Vikings who have a fascination with invading new territories for loot, plunder, and let’s face it – the kicks of it. Developed by a studio with a name that also traces its root to mythology, Yggdrasil, the hellish trek you embark on offers you 25-paylines. This is quite the loot you can get out of chopping off demon heads!

Yggdrasil has really punched up their game. The soundtrack drums up your enthusiasm for skirmishes with the outer world denizens and the game itself sports elaborately crafted design. When you begin, your camera is in a sheer drop until you are finally stopped at the main user interface panel. This, of course, represents the Vikings’ own descent into hell.

Every detail ought to be examined and cherished. The reels themselves are animated and you can often see figures clashing in a mortal contest. And if this is hardly it, there are three types of free spins, which definitely seal the deal for us!

New Slot Games – What We Wanted to Know

And so, new slot games are apparently quite the topic. The number of developers entering the field is substantial and a surprising number of those are actually pretty good at what they do, often clawing a place for themselves and seducing established casinos with brand new ideas. Halfway through the year, the list of 2018 video slot worthy titles will swell well past what we have now.

With the scene all agog, it’s time to unpick the latest arrivals and benefit from the latest advancements in the sector, arguably opening up new potential opportunities to add to your bankroll. We can’t wait for the first virtual reality and AG slots to arrive, too!


  1. Do new online slots games offer free spins or other bonuses?
    Yes, casinos software makers bundle their offers with almost every game in the catalog. Casinos will often introduce new offers exclusive to new slot games too in order to help it gain momentum.
  2. Are all casinos offering new slots online also accepting Bitcoin deposits?
    No, not all casinos are Bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin is a relatively new concept and though its advantages are immense, the entire gaming world is yet to embrace its use. Casinos will almost always include a “Bitcoin” or “Bitcoin Accepted Here” icon in their footer, should they accept Bitcoin.
  3. What do I need to play new online slots in a Bitcoin casino?
    All you need is a Bitcoin-funded gaming account to enjoy the many new online slots available in online Bitcoin casinos right now. Unspecific to Bitcoin, a decent and stable internet connection is advised to avoid interruptions or latency.
  4. Which withdrawal methods can people that play new slots online use to cash their winnings?
    Online casinos accept several payment methods including debit and credit cards, e-wallets, bank wires and Bitcoin. In fact, because payment methods are increasing, the number of new online slots casinos is also increasing. Note that you can deposit via Bitcoin which will convert your funds into your preferred currency and withdraw your winnings through another method, if you wish.