ESPN Announces Blockchain-Powered iGaming Platform

ESPN which is one of the most recognized names in the eSports and gaming space has recently announced that it has launched a new blockchain-powered online gambling platform. The new platform is a robust next-generation gaming environment that not only allows users to leverage the full range of blockchain’s capabilities but also lets them tap into the world of digital currency. This means that players will be able to deposit funds into their accounts and withdraw the winning using Bitcoin and several other digital currencies.

The payments will be powered by Cryptopay, a renowned player in the crypto space. Cryptopay was chosen specifically because of the success it has had when it comes to makes digital currency payments a lot simpler, swift, and secure.

What to Expect

When ESPN Global first hinted at the new offering, it said that it was prepping a platform that would consolidate the most popular games into a single application for crypto prizes. Its plan was to use blockchain technology to decentralize both verification and support for transactions. Now, it seems that they have achieved all that.

Now, players are able to enjoy all the perks of the blockchain and digital currencies while still having access to top-notch online gambling experiences. Users of the platform are able to choose a game or even join other players to compete in real-time – here, the players with the highest scores are the ones that are awarded.

One other feature that many players will certainly appreciate is the premium membership offering. This allows some customers who are part of it to have priority access to slots as well as early access to some of the most popular games.

ESPN Global has also integrated Satoshi’s Treasure, a recently launched game into the platform that offers mind-blowing prizes to the winners. In addition to the game, the operator will also be giving each of its players airdrops of its Smart Gaming Token (SGT) as gifts. Now, that is not something that you will want to miss out on.

The Growth of Crypto-Powered Gaming

Needless to say, online gambling has been on the rise and it is increasingly integrating other technologies. Digital currencies and blockchain have become the leading technologies for many online gambling businesses simply because they offer solutions to some issues that have plagued the industry for a very long time.

With huge brands such as ESPN Global now leading by example and showcasing just how useful the crypto-ecosystem is, the growth of crypto gaming is certainly set to pick up the pace. Its been over ten years since Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, came to be, and perhaps it is finally going mainstream as originally intended.


Scientific Games Leverages Power of AI Through Partnership

Scientific Games Corporation, one of the biggest gaming technology solutions developers in the world, has recently partnered with which is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine provider. The partnership is part of Scientific Games’ new bid to offer more custom-tailored gaming experiences to anyone who uses its products and services. There will be particularly a lot of focus on personalized wagering experience with regards to custom betting choices for each player as well as personalized online gaming and sports betting recommendations.

The areas of focus for the new partnership will be the OpenSports and the OpenMarket product suites, both of which are very popular among Scientific Games’ partners. These two product suites will now take advantage of Vaix’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to give the players much better gaming experiences.

Personalization is a core component of the plans to integrate AI. This is attributed to the growing number of online gamblers which has been accompanied by immense growth of data. This means that, without the appropriate tools and technology, it is virtually impossible to crunch the data and use it in a manner that is beneficial to the customers especially when it comes to giving them personalized experiences.

“Help for the user to find their favorite team’s game, or to see what’s going on in one’s personal favorite league, is often not going beyond targeted banners based on pre-selected user segments, or the often-hailed, but rarely used, ‘Favorites’ feature,” CEO and Co-Founder Andreas Hartmann commented.

The partnership will see to the delivery of a lot of perks such as real-time sports, league, team, event, and market recommendations. All this will be based on data collected about the preferences and tastes of each individual customer.

More Integration to Come

It goes without saying that online gambling is still on the rise and there is a huge technological gap that has been credited due to that. Artificial Intelligence has proven to have a lot of potential in other industries which makes it a viable choice for gambling operators who are looking to go a step further in their quest to attract more customers.

Customer experiences are the main focus of AI integration with gambling platforms but that is just the beginning. Aside from delivering better and more personalized experiences, the gambling operators and regulators have also been utilizing the technology for more noble things. One of these things is the prevention of gambling-related harm which has become quite a big deal due to the rapid growth of the gambling industry. There are several other possibilities as well and we will get to see them in action in the not-so-distant future.


MintDice Extends Investment Perks for Its Customers

Renowned bitcoin casino MintDice is considered to be one of the best crypto-based gaming platforms on the planet. It is also a top contender in the general online gambling space that is dominated by a number of popular gaming brands with vast amounts of resources and several years’ worth of experience. The online gaming platform attributes its success in the gaming space to its dedication to bringing the best of innovation and creativity to its users. One of the ways it has done this is by giving its customers the opportunity not just to play but also invest.

MintDice which has a reputation for offering the best bitcoin dice and bitcoin slots games leverages the power of digitization to serve its users. Digital currencies such as bitcoin are loved for the transparency they provide as well as the applications that they can support. That said, MintDice is offering the customers an incentive to enjoy crypto dice and slot games while at the same time earning from their digital currency investments.

The casino has recently doubled down on its efforts to promote its investment product allowing customers to play while enjoying nearly double the chances of winning.

Play and Invest

As mentioned earlier, MintDice is already a stellar online gaming platform and you will definitely not go wrong if you choose it. With its investment feature, the casino’s customers do not have to worry about being the casualties of quick and significant successive losses. The online casino basically offers a risk mitigation feature that effectively protects the platform from such kinds of external pressures.

The online casino currently offers its players a total of three types of risk-free investment opportunities. These are:

Crowdfunded Bankrolls

By part of these bankrolls, players will be able to participate in larger bets. This allows the customers to enjoy huge profits but within some rather lower pays. With this, landing a huge win from a relatively small bet is possible. How amazing is that?

Masternode or Staking Investment

This is a risk-free investment opportunity where the MintDice customers are able to easily make investments in the shared Masternode pools. From these modest investments, the players can then expect to receive handsome payouts from MintDice’s profits. The amount of payout received will, of course, depend on the player’s share size.

Be The Bank

This is another special risk-free investment opportunity where the users are guaranteed a no-risk payout opportunity. They receive 15 percent of each of the bets placed on the online gaming platform and the amount received is based on their share of investment.


BitBoss Launches Tokenized-Powered Casino Tokens


Casino blockchain app BitBoss last month launched the very first casino tokens on the Tokenized Protocol for mobile gambling. The move, though relatively subtle, is set to completely revolutionize the gambling experience on the blockchain.

For this venture, the real money gaming solutions developer has leveraged Bitcoin SV. This has been achieved by embedding the casino blockchain app’s baccarat and lottery games within a dedicated Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallets. These games can be powered by either the native BSV tokens or custom tokens – a great example of custom tokens will be those that are created and branded specifically for use in a single casino.

Thanks to the utilization of the BSV blockchain, the platform enables provably fair gambling with both the bets and results being written to BSV transactions. On the same note, the payments are adjudicated and administered by smart contracts and to complement this, double-spend protection has been built into the platform.

How Does It Work?

Alex Shore, the co-founder, and CTO of BitBoss recently wrote a post that describes exactly how the platform makes use of smart contracts to process both bets and transactions. According to the post, as the players’ bets are sent to the Bitcoin SV blockchain, one of the smart contracts that are designed for BitBoss will process the bet before placing its results as well as the payout transaction back onto the chain.

“They include their double-spend prevention technology when using native BSV, and leverage Tokenized’s double-spend prevention when bets are placed using a custom token,” Alex Shore’s post reads.

Now, the company is focusing on integrating slot machines, a move that will allow slot machine lovers to directly send tokens between the slot machines and their device wallets. For this venture, there is a major emphasis on mobile games which have been growing in popularity all across the globe.

Bitcoin Genesis Upgrade on the Horizon

To further improve the player experience, BitBoss is also now taking steps to ensure that their software will transition smoothly and seamless into 2020. To that effect, the company has recently announced that they will be upgrading their Keyring libraries in order to support the new OP_FALSE OP_RETURN script type. As it turns out, this is a totally mandatory step since Bitcoin SV will be returning to the original Bitcoin protocol with its 2020 Genesis upgrade.

This move was primarily influenced by advice from the technical director of the Bitcoin SV node project, Steve Shadders. In many ways, by updating their own code this early own, BitBoss will be getting months of the shift while keeping its services running for their customers to enjoy.

bitcoincasino-io Adds New Gaming Providers to Its List

Having started as nothing more than a simple crypto casino, has grown tremendously and is now considered to be among the top online gambling domains thanks to the outstanding products and services that it offers both digital currency enthusiasts and fiat currency users. Licensed by the government of Curacao, the crypto casino is not only legitimate but also assures all customers of safe and secure gaming experiences. has been at the forefront of the crypto gambling industry for quite some time now and this is mostly because of the partnerships that the company has formed in the past. Now, it boasts of games from a total of 26 different software providers. This number continues to grow as the crypto-powered gaming operator partners with more software providers.

Partnership with Evoplay Entertainment

Most recently, Evoplay Entertainment has signed a lucrative supply deal with, a move that will give the leading online gaming platform the go-ahead to feature some of the most highly sought-after games in the online gambling industry.

Over the years, Evoplay Entertainment has morphed from its relatively humble beginnings to become one of the biggest online casino gambling solutions on the planet. Last year, the company flexed its innovation muscles when it became the very first software provider to unravel a 3D/VR slots game. In addition to that, the platform also features an impressive portfolio of more than 50 slots, table games, and instant games.

For slot lovers, Evoplay Entertainment’s titles are among the best in the industry – its collection of 57 titles will undoubtedly make the gaming experience truly memorable for each and every customer.

Net Entertainment Games Are Available

Scandinavian-based Net Entertainment is one of the biggest software game developers in the industry and therefore the addition of its polished and extremely popular game titles to’s portfolio is bound to be noticed and appreciated. While slots seem to be the main priority for this particular partnership, there is the possibility that live dealer games, table games, and even progressive jackpots will also make the cut.

Yggdrasil and No Limit City Join the Fun

Already customers of the crypto casino site can access a variety of Yggdrasil’s amazing online slots – these include fan-favorite titles such as Penguin City, Rainbow Ryan, Wolf Hunters, Nitro Success, Orient Express as well as Oswin’s Jackpots which is a progressive slot title.

Last but definitely not least is renowned game developer No Limit City. Being relatively new to the online gambling industry, No Limit City has grown rapidly and the inclusion of its products on is proof that it is worthy of competing with the big boys of the online gaming industry. Some of the popular No-Limit City titles that are currently live on include Coins of Fortune, Wixx, Tombstone, Tesla Jolt and Ice Ice Yeti.


Kryptium Brings Decentralized P2P Betting to the Blockchain

While online betting is one of the most profitable businesses on the planet, the main, if not the only, beneficiaries are the large centralized online gaming operators that run the industry. Well, not anymore. A new platform and dApp referred to as Kryptium is now allowing online gamers from all over the world to connect with each and place bets – this peer-to-peer gaming model eliminates the need for a centralized odds-makes otherwise referred to as the ‘house’. This means that is possible for almost anyone from any part of the world to connect and make bets with the new application.

How It Works

One of the most powerful features of the blockchain and crypto networks is their ability to connect people directly. The Kryptium dApp exploits this feature to allow gamblers to make event-based wagers on just about any event that they may want – these range from fantasy games, typical sporting events such as poker games to even the outcomes of popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones. Kryptium allows players to place three types of bet on upcoming events. These are:

Pool Bets. – These are the kind where players bet on the predicted outcomes with all the bets being placed into a single pool. The players whose bets correctly predict the outcome of the event then share the pool. Moreover, the odds for this type of bets are dynamic and are hence dependent on the number of players in the pool and the wager amounts that each of them places.

Head-to-Head Bets. – For this type bet, one of the players opens up a bet for which they define the odds that another player is supposed to match. This model is perhaps the purest one in existence since the gamblers are completely free from any unfavorable and centrally defined odds.

Multi-Player Bets. – If you are a high roller, then this kind of bets will best suit you. In this case, the player who defines the odds does the same as they would in the Head-to-Head bets but this time, multiple players are required to match.

The Perks

Other than the aforementioned bet options, Kryptium customers are also treated to even more perks that are not provided by the traditional online betting platforms. For instance, the players can expect top-notch security not just because the dApp is based on the Ethereum blockchain but also because the platform has gone out of its way to further enhance it to ensure that player funds are protected.

Furthermore, customers will also appreciate the platform’s transparency, the exception user interface that it offers, the extremely low commissions as well as the advanced level of control that it gives them. That is very hard to beat.


AGS Gets Pa. Slot Machine & Table Games Manufacturer License

AGS, formerly known as the American Gaming Solutions, has recently been awarded a license to manufacture slot machines and table games by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. That said, the electronic gaming devices and table products designer and supplier will be able to deploy its gaming products in all of the Keystone State’s 12 licensed brick-and-mortar casinos, something that David Lopez, the company’s president and chief executive described as a huge milestone.

“The two Pennsylvania licenses represent a huge milestone for AGS, as we continue to expand our presence into new markets for our company. This is huge news for AGS and we can’t wait to start talking to Pennsylvania’s gaming operators about how we can deliver a great player experience and operating efficiencies with our innovative slot and table solutions,” David Lopez commented.

AGS expects to begin deploying its slot machines and table game products in the aforementioned Pennsylvanian casinos early next year, which is perfect timing since a number of the betting activities will kick off at around the same time considering how the statewide gambling expansion plans have been going so far – the move to award AGS with the manufacturing licenses follows from last week’s announcement that the gaming control board had approved the first two sports betting licenses in the state.

Prior to that, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board also approved interactive gaming licenses for a good number of the casinos that had applied. Hopefully, the entry of AGS into the Commonwealth’s gaming industry will trigger more improvements through collaborative efforts to deliver great gaming experiences to customers. Dauphin County-based Hollywood Casino and the Bensalem-based Park Casino, the first two casinos to be awarded sports betting licenses by the PGCB, will hopefully have their sports betting operations up and running by the time AGS begins to roll out its products but this does not dispel the opportunity for collaboration. In fact, all things considered, it is inevitable.

At the moment, the Commonwealth’s gaming industry consists of two resort casinos as well as 10 standalone and racetrack casinos, all generating about $1.4 billion in slot machine and table game tax revenue.

Why AGS?

It came as no surprise that the gaming control board chose to award AGS the manufacturer license. This is primarily because the gaming product designer and supplier has made a name for itself as global innovation powerhouse with a reputation for creating a diverse variety of immersive and entertaining gaming experiences that appeal to several different kinds of players.

The company has often leaned more towards the Class II Native American gaming market but this has not stopped it from growing and developing a customer-centric culture that has led it to become a leading all-inclusive commercial gaming supplier.


Illinois Online Gaming Set For Hearings in November

As it stands, most states that chose to examine online poker legislation in early 2018 moved to abandon it, at least until their next legislative sessions kick off next year. Not Illinois though. The state is set to be the next state to fully launch its online gaming industry, a process that will begin when they create a regulatory framework for legalized sports betting.

There are high some pretty expectations following the announcement by a lawmaker who intends to push for comprehensive gaming expansion that will encompass sports betting, online casino games, online poker as well as daily fantasy sports. The lawmaker, Representative Bob Rita who is also the head of the Illinois House Subcommittee on Gaming Sales and Other Taxes, believes that by advancing the proposed regulatory framework bring “tremendous opportunities to create revenue, jobs, and economic growth” in the state.
The lawmaker will be bringing together the two House committees in the coming weeks so as to coordinate efforts for a significant gaming expansion bill that promises a number of economic opportunity initiatives. The first of these subcommittee hearings is scheduled for August 22 with the following shortly after on October 3.

“As I have said from the beginning in working on this issue, gaming expansion presents many tremendous opportunities to create revenue, jobs and economic growth in Illinois,” Rita said in a press release. “The gaming landscape has changed significantly since I took on this issue five years ago, and I want to use these hearings to understand how those changes present new opportunities for us to put the right package together as we look to meet budget needs and provide a spark for our economy.”

The primary focus of the hearings, according to WCSJ News, will be to address the possibility of not only online sports betting but also other forms of online gambling. It is hoped that the hearings will assist the lawmakers in better understanding of the issues that need to be addressed as far as sports betting is concerned. The lawmakers will be returning to the capitol in November – shortly after the mid-term election – for the fall veto session and when this comes to an end we will have a clearer picture of the future of online poker in Illinois.

Too Early To Get Their Hopes Up?

Online poker fans residing in Illinois have quite a lot to be hopeful about. This is because the desire for sports betting and daily fantasy sports in the state is strong and since these issues are certainly going to be discussed rather explicitly during the hearings, the push for online gambling is also going to be just as prominent. The inclusion of online poker and other online casino games is being considered by very many of the state’s casino simply because they have seen the benefits similar initiatives have brought to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Bitcoin Casinos: Things You Need to Know Before Investing in.

Bitcoin casino gaming is on the rise, and many adventurous players are starting to take the plunge. Of course, many of the players who decide to try their hand at bitcoin casinos are doing so because they cannot play online in their own country. Various national gambling laws and geo-restrictions may inhibit their ability to gamble online. Bitcoin casinos, with the anonymity that they provide, offer a way around that.

It isn’t just players in restricted gambling countries who play at bitcoin casinos, though. Anybody who fancies a different way to play, an arguably freer and more private way to play, can get involved in bitcoin online casino gambling. There are things you need to know before investing in bitcoin casinos, though. Let’s look at some of the more important ones.

How to Get Hold of Bitcoins

One of the most common questions bitcoin newbies will ask is, where do I find bitcoins? Since bitcoin gambling has become more mainstream, the number of places you can snap up bitcoins have increased. Initially, you had to mine to bag bitcoins – and that was a challenging process in and of itself – but no more.

One of the more straightforward ways to obtain bitcoins is to use a marketplace. Websites such as Coinbase allow you to snap up bitcoins from sellers using a digital wallet. You can buy and sell most major cryptocurrencies there, so it isn’t just limited to bitcoins. Getting a free digital wallet with them may be the way to go, mainly since over 8.5 million people use this option to trade bitcoins. Other exchanges and marketplaces exist, too, if Coinbase doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Exchanges also exist at select bitcoin casinos. Although they are not found at all bitcoin casinos, some sites allow players to purchase bitcoins directly through them, and players can then use those bitcoins to play at the casino in question. All you need is your bank card, a bitcoin wallet and an account with the said casino.

Alternatively, some ATMs also sell bitcoin. That is a lot rarer since many countries have actively banned bitcoins. However, you can always check if your state has ATMs which offer bitcoin. If they do, they can be bought using your bank card and then transferred to your bitcoin e-wallet.

There are ample ways you can sort yourself out with bitcoins. Once you’ve got your bitcoins, you’re almost ready to start playing. Before that, though, you need to learn a bit of the lingo.

Bitcoin Terminology

The last thing you want is to start betting at a bitcoin casino and have no idea what people are talking about, especially when it comes to terms and conditions. There are a few little things you need to know when it comes to bitcoin jargon and terminology.

Bitcoin glossaries exist across the net, but most go far too in-depth for your average bitcoin casino user. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of bitcoin terminology to start playing at casinos, just the basics will do, such as:

  • Bit: The denomination of bitcoins equal to 100 satoshis (one-millionth of a bitcoin)
  • BTC: This stands for bitcoin. When you see something such as 3BTC, it means three bitcoins. One bitcoin equals 100,000,000 satoshis.
  • Blockchain: The public ledger containing all bitcoin transactions.
  • Miners: Individuals who process bitcoin transactions and add them to the blockchain, often in exchange for a small predetermined cut of the total transaction.
  • Mining: The process by which a miner “obtains” bitcoins by processing transactions and adding them to the blockchain.
  • Satoshi: The smallest bitcoin unit, with each bitcoin being worth 1 million satoshis.
  • Satoshi Nakamoto: The founder of bitcoin, or at least a pseudonym, but nobody knows for sure whom (or how many people) was involved in its creation.
  • Transaction Fee: Miners will typically require a “fee” for processing your transaction and adding it to the blockchain. Most bitcoin users will usually add a little extra to their transaction, as miners are more likely to handle transactions faster if there is something in it for them.

Of course, it isn’t going to hurt to get a little more in-depth with bitcoin terminology if you want to learn about cryptocurrencies in detail, but you shouldn’t need anything more than the above to go about gambling at a bitcoin casino.

Cryptocurrency Markets Are Volatile

Of course, it is worth noting that cryptocurrency markets are incredibly volatile. That is mostly because (like the stock exchange) the market is speculative. The more places and merchants which accept bitcoin, the more stable it will become. However, for now, being a risky investment, bitcoin markets are likely to rise and fall with uncertainty. Casino players need to be aware of this before they get involved in bitcoin casino gambling.

There is beauty in the idea of a free currency which is not beholden to any bank or government, and that makes many people interested in the concept. However, you always take the risk that the bottom will fall out eventually. We got a taste of this in late 2017, when the value of bitcoin rose dramatically, only before sharply falling. It has since levelled out again, bringing relief to bitcoin casino gamblers across the net.

Bitcoin Casino Legality, Safety and Security

Bitcoin casinos fit into all sorts of grey zones when it comes to legality, safety and security. On the one hand, most are open to accepting everyone and anyone, on the basis that they are not tied down by licensing jurisdictions and that they offer relatively anonymous gameplay. The downside to this is that if they are not licensed, they probably aren’t properly regulated, either.

If you are going to play at a bitcoin casino which doesn’t showcase properly licensing information, you should look for another mark of certification. One such way to go about this is to look for the Provably Fair accreditation. This organization has taken it upon themselves to establish a set of ground rules that all bitcoin casinos bearing its mark must adhere to. That essentially means that they must showcase that they are audited, that they offer fair play gaming, and that they are committed to paying out winnings to players.

In lieu of other safety and security hallmarks, such as valid gambling licenses and certifications from other guarantors of secure and safe gaming, we would always advise all players to play at a Provably Fair bitcoin casino. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to check out if your chosen bitcoin casino bears this hallmark. Look at their lobby/homepage. Any bitcoin casino which is certified by Provably Fair will display their certificate as a way of easing any players’ qualms about security and safety at the site.

Judging Worthy Bitcoin Casino Sites

Even if you can identify the Provably Fair mark at a bitcoin casino, you may wish to check out alternative sources to ensure that you are playing at a top-notch bitcoin casino. Knowing a little bit about where you are playing before you decide to invest in bitcoin casinos is essential to avoid any nasty surprises.

One of your first ports of call should be to casino review sites, particularly unbiased ones that review bitcoin casinos fairly. A good bitcoin casino review will not only highlight the positive features of a casino, but they will also detail the negative aspects of it, too. They will go into detail about what kinds of features the gambling site carries, the games they offer, the promos they can deliver, and their reputation as compared to other places.

A number of these sites will also offer free play bitcoin games, allowing you to get a taste of the selection of games a site carries before you invest your bitcoins there. They will also offer you “seals of approval” which is a review site’s way of ensuring players that they have done their homework and their due diligence to ensure that a casino they are promoting is safe and secure.

There are countless sites out there which allow players to provide feedback (in the form of complaints) against bitcoin casinos, too. It is worth checking to make sure that any casino you may decide to play at doesn’t have a lengthy selection of bad reports, negative complaints or issues of mistrust. That is mostly the same procedure we would advise players to do before they signed up at any casino site, although since most bitcoin casinos are unlicensed, this goes double for these domains.

Some Casinos are “Bitcoin Also” Instead of “Bitcoin-Only”

There are two types of bitcoin casino sites out there. There are ones which we can call “bitcoin only”, and those which we prefer to call “bitcoin also”. As you can imagine, the former only accepts bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as their currency and banking options. You cannot use any other form of currency at these sites.

It may be easier for you to start out with bitcoin casino gambling by joining the latter, though. What we call “bitcoin also” sites. These offer bitcoin as one of several accepted currency options and banking options. By choosing these sites, you can make the change to bitcoin casino gaming gradually, allowing yourself an acclimatization period, if you will.

Bitcoin Casinos Can Still See You Play with US Dollars

A good number of bitcoin casinos don’t just accept bitcoin, as we’ve said. Some, although advertised as bitcoin casinos, don’t allow players to use bitcoins to make their bets. Sure, players will deposit using bitcoins, but those bitcoins are then converted into a more conventional gaming currency, such as US dollars, when you want to play the games. When it comes time to withdraw, the casino will convert the US dollar currency back into bitcoins for you. That is a very common practice amongst many bitcoin casinos. So, if you were concerned about how betting on slots with satoshis works, there is an extreme likelihood that you’ll still be betting in US dollars or other more straightforward currencies if this makes things easier for you.

There Are Other Cryptocurrencies You Can Play With

Bitcoins may not be for you; perchance you favour another cryptocurrency? Just because a casino advertises itself as a bitcoin casino, doesn’t mean that they don’t carry other cryptocurrency methods. In fact, most of the more prominent bitcoin casinos will also permit players to deposit using Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoins and others. If you are more comfortable using another cryptocurrency, there are ample bitcoin casinos out there that will let you do that.

Bitcoin Casino Gaming Is Not Perfect…Yet

Bitcoin gaming is on the rise, but it is not, however, perfect. There are still a few things that the industry needs to work on. Although the Provably Fair system has done a lot of groundwork in ensuring that bitcoin casinos are somewhat audited and certified, there are still kinks there. Until bitcoin casinos become fully licensed (and they may do), there is still that air of insecurity surrounding them. Moreover, until the market becomes more stable (it will if more merchants and shops allow users to pay in bitcoins), there is a degree of volatility which you may find troubling.

Bitcoin casinos are an investment which can pay off, but only if you pay attention to how cryptocurrencies work, and you understand what you’re getting yourself in for. Provided you do your homework, though, and pay attention to what you’ve learned; you can find bitcoin casinos one of the most exciting and accessible online casino gambling experiences you can have.



Casino Game Roundup: Spring Themed Slots for You

There are slots games for every season and this spring, players can look forward to a neat variety of games. Here you will find some of the best slot titles handpicked specifically for the unique features that each has to offer. Furthermore, you can find all of them at the popular online casino sites.


This NetEnt gem is a great pick for any player looking for a simple slots experience. Not only does it come with up to 30 adjustable paylines but it also comes with a splendid display of bonus features that include the wild symbols and the double symbols. Furthermore, Flowers also delivers more perks in form of free spins and multiplier boost of up to 10x.

Spring Break

Spring Break is one of Microgaming’s fully featured slot games with up to nine paylines, a possible 500x multiplier as well as free spins. It is essentially everything a reveller could desire in a slots game jammed into one amazing package.

In Bloom

The flowery IGT slot is designed with five reels and 40 paylines, but for each wager, it can accept as many as 2,500 coins. The game comes with the Symbol Burst feature that sees the transformation of a matching line of flowers. Also, players stand a chance of winning with up to a 15 of a kind and unlocking the Garden Bonus so long as they have more than one butterfly symbol.

Baby Boomers

As its name suggests, Booming Games’ Baby Bloomers borrows from the idea that springtime is a birth time in farms in many parts of the world. As such, the game includes a five-reel slot with infant animal characters – players can use chicks, bunnies and lambs as part of a strategy to win from 10 paylines. In addition to that, the game includes scatter-free spins, wild symbols and expanding symbols.

Fountain of Youth

Playtech’s Fountain of Youth offers the traditional or basic element of a retro slot game combined with outstanding modern aesthetics. The game is a truly unique, to say the least – water splashes from a fountain and butterflies fly across the screen while players spin the game’s reels to win on three paylines. If a player manages to match three fountains on the number three payline, he or she gets to win the 800x jackpot.

Enchanted Garden

This is Realtime Gaming slot that features a five-reel slot that is complemented by 20 paylines. In this slot game, players are allowed to explore the surroundings which are filled with fairies, unicorns, butterflies and other magical creatures. The fairy princess in this game acts as a wild symbol on the second and fourth reels and it can, therefore, deliver 2x winnings. Also, the game features free spins bonus round that offers up to 3x winnings.

4 Seasons

This Betsoft Gaming slot game places players in a faraway Asian land where the players see the land transform through the four seasons of a calendar year. The five-reel slot has additional features that include Yin & Yang Free Spins, Golden Cat Wilds, Multi-reel Black Combos, Rotating Seasons and a mind-boggling 750,000-coin jackpot.