CryptoSlots Unveils New Games and Generous Bonuses for 6th Anniversary

In a recent update, CryptoSlots, a popular name in the world of crypto gaming, is celebrating its 6th Birthday with a bang! To make this anniversary extra memorable for all players, they are releasing new games, fantastic bonuses, and even giving away free tokens.

The popular $1 million Jackpot Trigger game is the center of the birthday celebrations, and players get to participate in the fun by receiving bonus tokens. And there is no doubt that CryptoSlots lives up to the buzz that has been surrounding it. As recently as April 18th, a player named WHAMZY09 won a whopping $200,000 after splitting two $100,000 jackpots. With this, everything points to the reality of the thrills and the possibility of winning big.

But that is not the end of it. In addition, their Crypto Lotto has been awarding significant prizes, with the largest payment ever recorded totalling a whopping $17,428. That is certainly bound to get very many crypto-gambling enthusiasts excited.

Loads Of New Games

Adding to their already outstanding collection, CryptoSlots has enjoyed raging success over the last year, releasing over 20 new games such as Chinatown High Limit, Bank Bust, Pawsome, Twin Wins, and Forest Fairy Fortune. This ensures that there is a suitable game for almost every kind of player.

Gamers can expect lots of more exciting content as the operator continues its ambitious growth journey. The Tomb Raider–themed slot Shadow of the Tomb, set to premiere this month, is brimming with excitement and the possibility of great riches. On top of that, its Wild Alaska slot will be relaunched later in May with improved visuals to provide an even more immersive racing experience.

Holding On to the Metaverse

Although the metaverse does not seem as fashionable as it once was, it did pave the way for great things in a few key areas. That is something that CryptoSlots is hoping to cash in on as well. How? Through Decentraland.

Decentraland is a blockchain-based virtual social environment where the crypto-only casino has just released a Virtual Showroom offering Monthly Rewards. With this calculated action, CryptoSlots may engage with gamers in novel ways and provide them with exclusive benefits and experiences within the virtual space.

As far as the crew at CryptoSlots is concerned, the future is bright and cryptocurrency offers endless opportunities, according to manager Michael Hilary. He is quite confident in their plan to improve player engagement and provide a new gaming experience that fits in with the very dynamic online entertainment industry by being part of such developments.


Metaverse’s First-Ever NFT Slot Machine Launched

A completely new NFT collection known as Lucky Degens has been introduced by the online operator Lucky Crypto. Lucky Degen NFTs will be available in two separate collections: the Jungle Animal Collection and the OG Collection. Those who purchase any of these collections will be eligible for a variety of perks and discounts.

Players that participate in the very first NFT slot tournament in the history of the metaverse will have the opportunity to win one or more NFTs. The slot machine can be found at the Embassy of Lucky Degens in Decentraland. Users are now permitted to make up to ten free spins each day on the machine. Lucky Degen NFT owners, on the other hand, are permitted up to 50 plays every day, significantly boosting the likelihood that they will win yet another NFT.

Benefits offered by both the OG Collection and the Jungle Animal Collection include VIP access to private games and tournaments, cashback of up to 25 percent, free spins, and a variety of additional perks. Additionally, the NFTs provide eligibility for an airdrop of $LUCKY tokens. These may be used as a form of payment on the Lucky Crypto website as well as at a variety of upcoming metaverse casinos that are shaping the future of gaming.

The OG Collection comes with a host of additional bonuses, one of which is a free airdrop of NFTs from the Jungle Animal Collection every month.

High Hopes for the Metaverse

The platform’s long-term ambition includes the introduction of several casinos into the metaverse. The Lucky Crypto embassy in Dencetraland is an element of this vision.

To expand its community and cement its position as a leader in metaverse gaming, Lucky Crypto is developing immersive gaming experiences that are based on plots located all around the metaverse.

The OG Collection is scheduled to have its public debut on June 24th, 2022. The Jungle Animal Collection is expected to be available for purchase not long after that, namely in July 2022. After that, one brand-new Jungle Animal NFT will become accessible for purchase every month till January 2023.

Citizens of the United States will, unfortunately, not be able to participate in Lucky Crypto or Lucky Degens. That is largely due to the regulations that govern gaming and NFTs in the country.

foggystar Receives $5 Million in Funding

Fast-rising Cyprus-based crypto casino operator FoggyStar has recently received a whopping $5 million in funding. The investment that the company has received was from Canadian and Japanese investors who are likely to be very optimistic about the operator’s future in the crypto gambling space.

If you have not year heard of FoggyStar, that is understandable. The company officially made its debut at the beginning of 2022. Its entry into the gambling market is, however, very interesting. Its goal is not just to be a great crypto casino, but to also contribute to making the entire online gambling industry even better than it already is.

At the moment, the FoggyStar gaming platform is still in its alpha version. However, it is already packed with amazing offerings including a solid range of high-quality online casino games. The top-notch quality of the games can be attributed to FoggyStar’s partnerships with leading developers like NetEnt, Pragmatic Play and Play’n GO.

In addition to the amazing game selection, the budding iGaming operation is also offering players a special bonus program. This is mainly targeted at the crypto community as they are the ones who can get the most value from it. Thankfully, getting on the crypto bandwagon or wave is now easier than ever.

Industry-Wide Innovation

As mentioned earlier, FoggyStar is not only looking to become a key player in the crypto gambling space but to also innovate for the benefit of the entire industry. To ensure that, the company will be working on the development of additional features. These are geared towards ensuring that future products can work as openly as possible and integrate blockchain at their core.

The industry can certainly use some of that as it will facilitate an increase in user engagement in addition to increasing the level of trust.

“We strive to create not just a product, but to follow the industry trends while bringing the interests of our target audience to the forefront. The project is focused on the users and the security and transparency of the infrastructure that surrounds them. Our team aims to improve the project using innovative technologies and methods that will lead to a completely new game experience.”

The FoggyStar team.

Something that is going to be even more exciting to online gaming enthusiasts is FoggyStars’ plans to be the first online casino in the Metaverse. There is still a lot that needs to be done before that becomes a reality but it is great to see companies are starting to take the concept very seriously. Hopefully, we get to start experiencing their futuristic offerings soon.