Enjoy Two-Bitcoin Weekly Tournaments at Bitcoin Casino US

While online casino businesses have certainly grown immensely and are now more competitive than ever, customers no longer get to enjoy some of the deals, promotions, freebies and offers that were once a norm in the gambling industry. Well, there are a few of these perks but not many enough to get customers excited about joining a new casino. Predicting whether or not everything will go back to how it used to be is rather difficult and as such, the only way for online casino players to keep benefiting from the huge perks is to look in the right places. is one the select few online casinos that continue to offer amplified customer benefits instead of cutting back just like most other casinos have. The online casino has rapidly risen to prominence and become one of the fastest-growing ones thanks to the multitude of features it offers. These include amazing deposit and withdrawal methods, the inherent fun players are treated to as well as lucrative money lines.

The highlights of the casino’ offerings are the 2-bitcoin weekly slots tournaments – these tournaments have resonated extremely well with its customers from all around the globe especially because it is currently the only online betting site offering something as valuable as these tournaments. In addition to being an indicator of the site’s commitment to its players, there are no hidden requirements for both weekly slot tournaments. Enrolling for the tournaments is also quite easy and anyone within the legal gambling age is allowed to do so.

At the end of every week, the tournament winner is crowned and his or her account is credited with the specified two bitcoins. In case there is a draw, the specified 2 bitcoins will be split among all the winners.

Generally, is a great place for any player that is looking for an engaging and hassle-free online gaming experience. All of the site’s customers are treated to a healthy selection of top-notch games and a variety of tournaments that offer just as many mind-boggling prizes as the two-bitcoin weekly tournament.

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