Over 600 Bitcoin Users File Lawsuit Against is without a doubt one of the most prized domains in the cryptocurrency space especially because it is the go-to website for anyone who is interested in learning about bitcoin. The first result that people get when they google “buy bitcoin” is On clicking the link, the users are then navigated to a page with two logos which at first glance are quite similar – one logo shows the user the option to buy Bitcoin Cash while the other is for Bitcoin Core. is the only site that uses the Bitcoin Core moniker for bitcoin (BTC) and this is where the problem is.

In just two days, a “community movement” has amassed over 600 members in an effort to pursue legal action against and Roger Ver, its owner and CEO. The movement is accusing the website and its owner for deliberately misleading new cryptocurrency users into buying Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead of regular bitcoin (BTC).

So far, the group has not disclosed the law firm they have contacted to help with the lawsuit but they did reveal that it is based in St. Kitts, a Caribbean island where, apparently, the is also registered. Already the movement has seen to the creation of an official website called which launched on Friday. People who have complaints or have lost money from can submit their evidence and be part of the lawsuit in the newly launched website.

“A group of 600+ participants from influential industry leaders to community volunteers & contributors who devote to protect users from fraudulent businesses and help victims recover lost funds,” reads the website’s description.

The Takeaway

One thing that is clear as far as this lawsuit and other associated issues go is the fact that determining the digital currency that can hold the title of ‘Bitcoin’ is more challenging than expected. Experts will, of course, see it as an obvious thing but it will certainly be harder for newcomers to separate what is real and what is not.

Bitcoin Cash’s has been quite successful, to say the least – despite not being the behemoth that bitcoin is, the digital currency that was forked from bitcoin itself has had a huge impact on the cryptocurrency community as a whole. Nonetheless, there is only one bitcoin and that is the currency with the highest market cap as well as the most overall community and mainstream support. So, while it is possible, the idea that an altcoin like Bitcoin Cash will dethrone bitcoin is an over-ambitious one.

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