A Look at Pechanga Resort & Casino’s 4-D Slot Machines

If you are looking for something that is truly unique and stands out from the traditional bells and flashing lights that usually define the old school slot machines, then look no further than Pechanga Resort & Casino’s innovative take on the game. The operator’s new Sphinx 4-D video slot machine gives the customers a chance to change from day to night by just a sweep of their fingers.

But that is just the beginning. Players are also able to reach out and touch floating butterflies and coins on the screens as they go about their gaming business in the hopes of landing a jackpot. It’s a completely immersive experience that is certainly bound to keep players coming back for me.

The Technology Behind It

Manufactured by multination gaming company International Game Technology (IGT), Sphinx 4-D debuted on the Pechanga Resort & Casino floors last month and it has been received quite well since then. Aside from the already sensational 3-D gaming technology that allows the players to interact with floating graphics, the game also includes revolutionary 4-D technology that entails some very neat features.

These features include gesture recognition that is quite accurate, enhanced sound that makes the game even more immersive as well as elevated high definition graphics that make everything look crisp and real. In addition to this, the Sphinx 4-D chair also rumbles and vibrates. Too much? Well, the game developer thought of this as well and they included an option of dialing down on the sensory intensity of the slot machines.

“The concept is that players will be able to feel what they are seeing on the screen,” said Anthony Zamora, the slot director at Pechanga Resort & Casino. “Guests have reported the game is fun to play.”

Even though this particular slot machine is truly exceptional, similar 4-D style gaming is becoming the trend. The goal is to give the players more options and thus set the gaming experience apart from traditional slot gaming. Slot machines are evolving and Pechanga Resort & Casino is lucky enough to have a front seat spot.

Expect to see more goodies as newer skill-based games and themed machines take over casino floors with advanced visuals, enhanced sound, and innovative seats.

“The next generation of games is 4K monitors with distinctive and immersive graphics,” said Greg Colella, the vice president of product marketing for Scientific Games, a renowned game manufacturer. “There are also clever technological things like a speaker that provides surround sound instead of sound chairs which are a little clunky.”

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