The Best New Online Slot Games in 2018, So Far

As it has always been, there is yet to be a casino game that can beat the sheer variety and range of slots games. There are always more and more online slots games of different varieties and themes being introduced each and every month. While there are always some disappointing variations of the games that disguise themselves in well-worn themes, you will always find a decent number of great online slot games if you look hard enough. The online space has made it very easy for these gems to be accessed from anywhere and therefore all that slot machine enthusiast have to do is to pick a reputable site to play on.

Naturally, considering how vast the online space is, it is something of a challenge in itself to find a great game as well as a great site to play on. Alongside the new slot games that are launched every month, there is also a plethora of online casinos that go live as the online casino market continues its meteoric rise.

Still, slot games are becoming more and more varied and engaging which implies that you are guaranteed of all the perks that you would get to enjoy when playing at a land-based casino. So, today I am going to give you pointers to some of the newest and the best online slot games of the year. This may, of course, change as the year progresses and more innovative and technological improvements are made – but for now, you will not go wrong with these ones.

Wrecking Ball

At first glance, this will not look like a slots game to you. The reels are arranged in four columns, with each column spotting different symbols. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the game is the eponymous wrecking ball that swings across the screen leaving behind a trail of destruction which, fortunately for the player, unravels symbols that usually amount to some huge bonuses.

In addition to this, Wrecking Ball also features a bonus game in which a player can navigate a crane and directing the wrecking ball to different buildings and uncovering more hidden goodies.

Monopoly Hot Shot

There have been several different slot versions of the popular Monopoly board game, for years but this particular variant offers something much different. Monopoly Hot Shot gives you a hybrid package of monopoly and slots while still remaining true to the conventional slots gameplay that we all know and love – it features three reels, nine pay lines as well as “hot shot” mini reels.

Beat Square

This is arguably the best slots game in 2018 – in fact, the skill-based game slots game has already scooped a number of awards including the Best Slot Product for 2018 in the Global Gaming Business magazine-sponsored Gaming and Technology Awards.

It is also the most unique game I have seen so far. This is because it does not even have reals, at least not the traditional ones that we have grown accustomed to. In place of the reels, Beat Square has 16 buttons arranged in a four by four grid that light up to music. The player’s task is to get with the rhythm of the music that will be playing in the course of the game. Hitting the right buttons results in a big payout.

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