OneHash Announces the Release of New Bitcoin Dice Game

OneHash is a mutual bitcoin betting platform that aims to be the world’s leading mutual bitcoin betting platform. The platform focused on two broad kinds of betting, that is, sports betting and market, and since it is a mutual platform, all the odds are created by the user’s themselves as opposed to a centralized oddsmaker authority. It features bets on all major traditional sports like basketball, hockey, soccer, and rugby with esports betting being one of the latest additions to its neat portfolio. Market betting on OneHash’s platform involves betting on cryptocurrency prices as well as the prices on foreign currencies.

Sports betting aside, the platform also offers other gambling games including crypto slot titles and a dice game, the latter of which was just recently launched. Known as CyberDice, the new game is the platform’s attempt at keeping up with the competition in the Dice market. The dice game is a huge step towards strengthening the platform’s leadership position in the bitcoin entertainment market. Some of the best things that set CyberDash apart from all the rests is the improved gameplay and new features that it offers – these include regular contests, leaderboards, as well as chat communities which go a long way in strengthening the community and making it more vibrant.

More Features

The community features and contests that are featured in the game are just a part of the gaming experience but they are not all that makes it as good as the company claims it is. In essence, most of the other features are designed to appeal to the most demanding games who are always keen to see if the games they play have:

  • A provably fair system
  • Regular faucet
  • Low house edge
  • 100% mobile-friendliness
  • Unique design and UX
  • Affiliation program
  • 24/7 active support
  • Full security

Aside from all the technical details and comprehensive features, the game was further designed to offer the best possible experience, something the developer achieved by embedding it in the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk universe. The developers of CyberDash even introduced the Oracle concept which essentially foretells the future to players who are not afraid to know it. These added to the beautiful graphics and strong storytelling techniques make the game extremely fun to play.

For players who are concerned about fairness, CyberDice was designed for a wide range of users with absolute transparency being the project’s main inspiration. In fact, users are even able to check the integrity of every single roll and confirm that there is zero manipulation. The developer has also promised that the game will be improved constantly and many more features will be available in the next few weeks.


Reviewing Soccer Legend Ronaldinho’s Cryptocurrency Project

The FIFA World Cup 2018 finale came and went with France working away with the highly-contested championship title for the second time. The event remains to be one of the most popular sporting tournaments in the world and while this would be certainly worth discussing, we are going to focus on how it has influenced other areas, particularly with regards to emerging technologies.

If you guessed Esports and crypto then you are in the right place. Both of these areas are getting more and more connected with the crypto market. This year’s FIFA World Cup contributed quite a lot to the crypto industry through decentralized betting offerings. Huobi, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world also announced their Huobi Tokens (HT) and Tron (TRX) that were used to predict the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2018. If you bet on France it must have been your lucky day.

Gambling aside, bitcoin and other digital currencies were used extensively as payment methods for a number of services including travel, accommodation, food, and booze. The 2018 FIFA World Cup may be over but the connection between crypto and football is getting stronger by the minute.

Ronaldinho Soccer Coin

Ronaldinho who is arguably one of the best footballers in the world has become of the newest sports figures to venture into the cryptocurrency space. The Brazilian icon and former Barcelona player recently launched his own self-titled digital currency, Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC). The cryptocurrency project is aimed at creating a football academy, hosting both amateur and global league matches, as well as the creation and operation of a soccer-first online betting platform. Moreover, the project will also attempt to develop virtual reality stadiums that will help in the analysis of the football player skills.

Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC) is based on the NEO blockchain platform and was developed concurrently with the World Soccer Coin, a Malta-based company after a partnership deal. It is now in the initial coin offering (ICO) phase – the coin currently has a limited supply of 350 million, 150 million of which will be sold in privately run sales over the next few days after which the remaining 2000 million will be released to public sales at a yet-to-be-announced time.

Once it fully goes live, the RSC token will power an entire ecosystem referred to as Planet RSC that will consist of the Ronaldinho Soccer Academy, Smile Project, Ronaldinho digital stadiums and a betting marketplace among many others.

“I want to bring a smile to as many people as possible through this project. I wish as many people as possible will have a dream and hope and become happy,” Ronaldinho said about the project.


Choosing a Crypto Bookmaker for the FIFA World Cup 2018

We are over a week into the 2018 FIFA World Cup that is currently taking place in Russia and being watched by an audience of more than 3 billion people from all corners of the globe. Like many other sporting events, the World Cup has also been a great opportunity for a little more excitement and side action in the form of sports betting which is enjoyed by a vast number of soccer fans.

Sports betting has been on the rise and even crypto has caught on to the trend. While betting on the previous World Cup was nearly unheard of, specifically because it was still at its infancy, this year’s World Cup is proof that crypto is here to stay – not just as an asset for gambling but also as a mainstream currency.

The debate about the viability of crypto aside, it is quite obvious that crypto sports betting has evolved tremendously in the past four years. As such, instead of worrying about the scarcity of crypto-powered bookmakers, this time around we will only need to stress (just a little) about finding the best one. So, how do you find one?

The Currency You Want to Deal in Matters

Bitcoin is still, without a doubt, the king (or queen) of digital currencies. However, we cannot ignore how important other altcoins are in the crypto ecosystem especially when it comes to betting. Bitcoin betting is still offered in most of the bookmakers but in sites like BetOnline, the punters can bet using Dash Litecoin and Ethereum while other like Bovada and Cloudbet accept bets in Bitcoin Cash. Whichever site you choose, just make sure it supports the digital currency you hold or wish to bet with.

Still, on the digital currencies, we all know how crazily the prices of cryptocurrencies fluctuate. Many gamblers, therefore, prefer to have their digital currencies converted to fiat currencies like the dollar, British Pound or euro once they are deposited. It is advisable to look for bookmakers like Bovada and Pinnacle that allow you to do this.

Go for the Best Promotions

Compared to the traditional online bookmakers, crypto-powered bookmakers usually have rather disappointing promotions especially when it comes to crypto-only sports betting platforms where the users can create multiple accounts. Fortunately, the World Cup has allowed for the creation of an exception – sites like CloudeBet and Nitrogen Sports are currently running World Cup free bet offers and promotions. You are certainly bound to come across more of such sites if you look hard enough.

In conclusion, there are a number of other things that you may need to consider before you settle on a specific crypto bookmaker – these include; how high the betting limits should be, withdrawal speeds and the legality of crypto gambling in your jurisdiction. All these are enough pointers to get you started on your way towards some exciting side action as you enjoy the 2018 FIFA World Cup.