Booming Games Releases New Disco Bar 7s Slot

The 70s were a great period that was mostly defined by great outfits and hairstyles, great dance and music, the amazing outfits, and, of course, the simple and captivating slots games that were based on various outstanding elements borrowed from the aspects of the era. In fact, slots were all the buzz back in the day with people obsessing over them thanks to the excitement they offered and the possibilities of huge wins.

Well, if you are nostalgic about the casino offerings from the 70s, then this is your lucky day. Booming Games has recently released a new slot game that will take you on a trip back in time to the dancing 70s. Titled Disco Bar 7s, the new disco title features classic designs similar to what existed in the 70s but it will certainly appeal to each and every slots machine enthusiast on the planet. There are a number of other great slot machine offerings but this is definitely among the very best of them.

Disco Bar 7s consists of 3 reels and 10 paylines which are accompanied with a 95.96 percent RTP – these, in addition to the funky tunes and fast-paced gaming that the slot game features make the game a worthy use of your precious time. Winning big is made even easier with a number of cool multipliers, and Wild and Scatters.

Uniquely Themed

Even though Disco Bar 7s is prominently themed to match the look of offerings from the 1970s, Booming Games went out of their way to make sure that the game was a treat for players. Therefore, they opted to pattern it after the classic fruit slot machines and the results speak for themselves – there is nothing like it.

Disco Bar 7s is a very colorful slot game with its bright blues and purples on the reels. However, every colorful element that is added to the game also serves other purposes by contributing to the overall functionality of the game. Players can find Disco Ball Wilds on the reels – this pays the most and doubles wins when it is part of a winning combination. Similarly, the scatters offer nice multipliers when found on the reels.

The Game Play

From the very first glance, players will notice that Booming Games’ intention with this particular offering was replicating the real casino experience. Once they start playing it becomes even more pronounced as they will feel like they are sitting at a slot machine at a real 70s casino. Furthermore, this extends to playing on the go as well – Booming Games also ensure that the game can be accessed on mobile phones and tablets. Whichever method you choose to access the games, the experience will be nearly the same thanks to some next level optimization built into the game.